Successful Ecodynamic Share Offer 2 Launch at Stroud Brewery


Molly the golden dog stole the show at the 17th January Share offer Launch at Stroud Brewery , when over 30  people braved the beer pavilion. The pizza oven and stoves were only just being lit by Ecodynamic member and Brewery director Greg it was fresh!

Technical director James Mansfield presented the technical and finacial case for the share offer and how it works, whilst Martin Large gave an overview of Ecodynamic, putting this into the perspective of an emerging co-operative social economy. Helen Appleyard,  our Ecodynamic society secretary, book keeper (and a chartered accountant) was on hand for financial questions.

‘Ecodynamic offers the potent combination of both investing savings with interest in a community renewable energy project, backed by the Govermen’ts Feed in Tariff and also reinvetsting any surplus income into other community food, energy and land projects,’

A participant commented that the projected 3%, then 5% interest on shares, plus the 30% EIS tax relief for tax payers is not to be sniffed at given current historically low interest rates!

The Share Offer Closes on 31st March 2015

Ecodynamic Prospectus – 14 January 2015 – Version 1 WEB

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