Share Offer Launch at Stroud Brewery on 25th January 2013

Jamie Mansfield and Martin Large of Ecodynamic will launch the Croft West Share Offer at 2 to 3pm on Friday 25th January at Stroud Brewery, Unit 7/11, Phoenix Works, Thrupp, London Road, Stroud GL5 2BU. Come with your questions, and we look forward to a brief presentation and discussion. There is a sign outside Stoud Brewery announcing, ‘Fermenting a Local Revolution’. So do come and help found Ecodynamic and find out more about our future plans for building a co-operative social economy.

Here is the updated Share Offer Prospectus-and the closing date has been extended to 30th April

Ecodynamic Prospectus — 28 March 2013 — WEB

2 thoughts on “Share Offer Launch at Stroud Brewery on 25th January 2013

  1. Martin Large Post author

    Thanks, Tony, for your question! Apologies for the confusion. The small leaflet says 28th February as the share offer deadline.This is incorrect, as it is in fact 22 March 2013, which is on the full Prospectus. There has been a steady stream of investors joining, for example a neighbour has just handed his share in! So far, we have had about £90,000-£100,000 promised or sent, so we need £150,000 more-which when achieved, then triggers the £100,000 investment from the Biodynamic Land Trust, which is a charitable community benefit society. So we really encourage interested people to spread the word

  2. jo hofman

    Is the 30th april the absolute deadline for having shares in this project as I am very interested but am going to be away from tomorrow till 30th april afternoon?I have only just seen your leaflet today, and feel I need a bit of time to understand the full details.However I have been keen to be involved in buying a wind turbine as a community project since I learned about a similar programme at Fintree in Scotland.

    Martin: Jo,thanks for your inquiry!It’s not too late… Quite a few people signing up for the 30th April deadline, someone has just rushed in to our office invest more!

    However, in response to teh requests of several people who attended the Ecodynamic Presentation by Robin Evans and James Mansfield at The Sheep Barn, Tablehurst Community Farm, Sussex, the Ecodynamic directors have decided to extend the closing date of the Share Offer to May 24th 2013.

    And our wind turbine will soon be up and running…..


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