June 15th 2013 is now our Share Offer Deadline

This blog  of June 1st  is to update members and inquirers about  progress with the turbine construction and the Share Offer. 

1. The wind turbine commissioning by Capture Energy is now expected on Friday 7th June in a weather window. The winds have been too high so far, so lets keep our fingers crossed for the 7th.   Western Power have installed lines, grid connections, and their engineer will check again on commissioning day.  Remote monitoring will be set up  for the  live data feed for James Mansfield to monitor.

2.  Share Offer update:   with  £5000 to come from one person, and £20,000 from another, (and several positive sounding inquiries) shares now amount to £163,700 and rising. We have also been offered loans.

3. The Share Offer deadline was 24May, but now we have decided to shift it for the last time to 15th June 1013, which is the new deadline. 

4. The formal Closing Date is  3rd July. This is the day shares will be dated and  from which interest stars accruing.

5. We will send out a letter to all members by 20th July, with your Share certificates, which are now being specially designed.

Any inquiries, please send an email to biodynamiclandtrust@gmail.com, or phone Farimah Englefield on 01453 757040 Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays 9am to 1pm..outside these times, leave a message and a number and when to contact you….

Many thanks, Martin Large






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