What is biodynamics?

Biodynamics is based around respecting the basic principles at work in nature. It is a complete system in which all the different components of the farm are seen as parts of a greater whole. With farm animals at the centre a self-sustaining, balanced and harmonious environment is the result.

Soil fertility is optimised by introducing special manure and herb-based preparations to both the fields and compost to enhance and stimulate microbiological life. These have been shown to significantly improve the health and well being of soil, plants and animals, as well as enhancing the vitality, flavour and keeping qualities of the produce for the benefit of the consumer. With the soil locking up 25% more carbon than conventional farming methods, the health of the planet is also cared for.

The result is a rich and diverse farm built on sound organic principles which is embedded and sensitized to its surroundings and produces food with an individual quality and taste.

For more on biodynamics, see the Biodynamic Association website, and for organics, see the Soil Association website. Sustainable,  farming can also include other approaches such as the agro-ecological approach of the Via Campesina, permaculture, enlightened agriculture