Croft West Turbine

Our first project is Croft West Turbine, Redruth, Cornwall: New Launch on 17th January 2015

Croft West Turbine is successfully working, and we are now raising a Second Share Offer, launching on 17th January 2-3pm at Stroud Brewery. Here is the Summary Share Offer and Invite: WebEcodynamic Share Leaflet – 19 December 2014 – WEB 2p

Ecodynamic is offering the opportunity for UK citizens and organisations to invest in a wind turbine project, with full planning permission, grid connection, associated lease and supply contracts achieved. The project is a 55kW Endurance Wind Turbine located at Croft West, Cornwall, South-West England.

Original Share Offer

Ecodynamic Prospectus — 28 March 2013 — WEB

Ecodynamic Leaflet — 28 March 2013 — WEB

Croft West Turbine Map 1Ecodynamic is proposing to purchase one of a pair of Endurance E3120 55kW wind turbines. The project was procured by Local Energy Generation (LEG) Ltd – a renewable energy development company. The design and construction has been contracted to Capture Energy Ltd. Capture Energy, founded in 2006, is a renewable energy contractor. Since 2007 Capture Energy has been involved with developing over 4MW of renewable energy capacity including 16 Endurance E3120 wind turbines.

Croft West Map 2

The turbine is projected to generate approx.175MWh of low carbon electricity per annum, equivalent supply to 53 households[1] per year.

Croft West Turbine - landscapeFull planning consent was achieved on 7/09/2012 by LEG which has maintained ownership of one turbine, whilst the Biodynamic Land Trust (BDLT), has secured the second turbine on behalf of Ecodynamic to enable community participation in this venture.



Croft West TurbineThe Turbine and Windspeed

The wind turbine is a 55kW Endurance E3120, this turbine model has been deployed in over 300 installations across the UK and across the Endurance fleet has over 2million operational hours.

The site’s projected Annual Mean Wind Speed (AMWS) calculated from NOABL[2] and DECC[3] predicted wind speed is 6.3m/s at 25m above ground level.

The Wind Resource

The project revenues are proportionally related to the annual wind speed of the site location, hence the amount of electricity which is generated and exported to the grid. It is subsequently, important for prospective investors to understand the underlying wind regime of the area.

South-west England is one of the more exposed areas of the UK, with wind speeds on average only greater in western Scotland. The strongest winds are associated with the passage of deep depressions close to or across the British Isles. The frequency and strength of depressions is greatest in the winter half of the year and this is when mean speeds and gusts are strongest.[4] This is illustrated in the graph below.

Forecasted annual generation


The project has been procured by Local Energy Generation Ltd – a renewable energy development company. The project has been designed and constructed by Capture Energy Ltd. Capture Energy Ltd founded in 2006, are a renewable energy contractor, offering turnkey renewable energy project development, including full planning and project design services.
Capture Energy is an independent renewable energy specialist installer, supplier and project designer, covering wind, solar PV, biomass and heat pump technologies.

The ‘Croft West’ wind project – key details

A 25 year option agreement has been signed with the land owner
Full planning permission received 7/09/2012.

A full grid connection agreement with Western Power Distribution
Due to be commissioned in February 2013.

Project Summary

  • Hub height: 24m
  • Rotor diameter: 19.2m
  • Annual downtime correction factor: 5.0%
  • Projected generation: 175,237 kWh
  • FiT rate 21.0p/kWh
  • Export rate 5.0p/kWh
  • Projected first year revenue: £45,562

Further information available on request -see the downloadable PDF’S of the Share Prospectus and Summary Leaflet above


1) Based on 3300kWh per year – OFGEM – Typical Household Energy Consumption;

2) Numerical Objective Analysis of Boundary Layer – Wind Speed Database

3) Department of Energy and Climate Change – Wind Speed Database

4) Quoted from MET Office []