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Press Release for 25th January Launch at Stroud Brewery

 Press Release

Date:  January 23 2013 ; For General Release – 00.01 a.m.   24 January  2013

Ecodynamic Community Share Offer Launch for Renewable Energy on 25th January at Stroud Brewery 2-3pm;

Ecodynamic Community Benefit Society will launch its  founding  Share Offer at 2pm on Friday 25th January at Stroud Brewery. This will enable Ecodynamic to purchase and run a new 55KW Endurance  wind turbine near Redruth, Cornwall,  and reward  investor members  with social,  environmental and  fair financial returns. Any surplus will be reinvested in renewable energy, biodynamic, organic and sustainable food projects.

Why found Ecodynamic ? Faced by the challenges of the current environmental and financial  crises,  people are asking, ‘How can I invest ethically and sustainably? How can I invest directly into projects that I support – rather than into the global financial casino? How can I get a fair return for my savings when banks pay such low interest?  These challenges, not just that ‘the lights may go out’,  led the directors of Ecodynamic to look for  co-operative energy solutions that will help build a low carbon, social economy –  one project at a time.

‘Ecodynamic offers the  potent combination of both investing savings with interest  in a community  project, backed by  the government’s Feed in Tariff ,  and also reinvesting any surplus income  into other community food, energy and land  access projects, ‘ says founding director, Martin Large.

The  founding team of directors  has relevant experience of  business, co-ops,  renewable energy, farming,  banking and administration. Ecodynamic is guided  by the seven co-op  principles: voluntary membership, democracy, economic inclusion, independence, education, cooperation and concern for community. Our vision is to help create a ‘co-operative turn’ towards a sustainable social economy. So, unlike many private,  for profit renewable energy companies, Ecodynamic will reinvest surpluses in the community.

Ecodynamic is seeking to raise a maximum of £350,000 in the inaugural share offer to finance the Redruth  wind turbine project in Cornwall.  Ecodynamic will be offering shares with a projected annual return of 3% rising to 5% after year three. Ecodynamic is applying for  EIS status, which if successful will provide income tax payers 30% relief in year one. The share offer opens on 25th January and closes on February 28th 2013.

‘Ecodynamic will enable the biodynamic, organic, low-carbon community to generate renewable energy, and to reinvest the surplus in grassroots projects and land access. This investment will provide environmental and social benefits, with government backed, fair financial returns for member investors while significantly contributing to a co-operative social economy’  Robin Evans, Chair,  Ecodynamic

Launch venue on 25th January, 2 pm: Stroud Brewery, Unit 7/11, Phoenix Works, Thrupp, London Road,  Stroud GL5 2BU

For full PR with Notes for Editors see  EcodynamicPressRelease23.1.2013

Share Offer Launch at Stroud Brewery on 25th January 2013

Jamie Mansfield and Martin Large of Ecodynamic will launch the Croft West Share Offer at 2 to 3pm on Friday 25th January at Stroud Brewery, Unit 7/11, Phoenix Works, Thrupp, London Road, Stroud GL5 2BU. Come with your questions, and we look forward to a brief presentation and discussion. There is a sign outside Stoud Brewery announcing, ‘Fermenting a Local Revolution’. So do come and help found Ecodynamic and find out more about our future plans for building a co-operative social economy.

Here is the updated Share Offer Prospectus-and the closing date has been extended to 30th April

Ecodynamic Prospectus — 28 March 2013 — WEB