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Staffordshire Sunny Schools Invitation

There is  a new  renewable energy share offer by Gen Community for investing in solar energy for twenty five Schools in Staffordshire. One of our Ecodynamic values is ‘co-operation amongst co-operatives’ and although we take care  not to overload members, we feel a few  share  offers might be of interest to our members. Also, several energy co-ops helped circulate our orignal Croft West Ecodynamic share offer in a similar spirit of co-operation.

For transparency, Martin Large and James Mansfield, whilst serving as  Ecodynamic Directors,  are  also founding Directors of  Gen Community.

This is an invitation to potential members of Gen Community’s latest community share offer,  Staffordshire Sunny Schools. This is Gen Community’s second project after Newport Solar which supported homes in fuel poverty in Wales.  Gen Community is a mutually owned social enterprise and raises capital from members by offering a fair financial return, in addition to social and environmental impacts.

The Staffordshire Sunny Schools project aims to install solar PV on 25 schools and will have an immediate impact on 15,000 children, saving schools across Staffordshire over £90,000 per annum. In a time of energy price rises and strains on public services this really is power from the people!  Gen Community is working with a local community benefit society Southern Staffordshire Community Energy to deliver the community fund projected at £170,000 – £350,000 over the project lifetime.  This is the largest community funded schools project to date in the UK, with a target capacity of 1MWp.

Three of the schools have been installed and the share offer targeting £880,000 closes on 24/2/2014,  £200,000 has been secured from Pureleapfrog as a loan on top of the share offer to fund the total requirement of £1.08m. The share offer can be downloaded at:
Shares are offered with a projected RPI index linked return of 6.91% IRR and the share offer has been granted EIS status from HMRC, boosting the projected return to 10.48% IRR with EIS relief.

For more information please visit or contact James Mansfield on mobile: 07747335841

Geoff nearly got Struck by Lightning!

Geoff, our hardworking Endurance wind turbine at Croft West was  nearly struck by lightening in a spectacular New Year’s Eve storm at Redruth, which covered the ground in hailstones, struck the neighbouring turbine, and fused the local area grid.

Geoff’s fuses, some operating software and the local grid had to be repaired, by locally based  Capture  Energy, ably co-ordinated by our Technical Director, James Mansfield. As Geoff was down for more than 5 days, we are claiming under our insurance policy for repairs and for down time.  We can claim for lost income if more than  five days generation is lost.

We hope that such acts of God don’t happen again! I must say, as I was visiting Geoff specially to say hello on January 2nd, I was surprised to see him taking a holiday